• Delivering Decades of Experience

    PROLOG Canada Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in infrastructure planning, transportation policy and logistics operations - with a particular focus on northern development. PROLOG has over 30 years experience working with federal, provincial, territorial, state and municipal governments as well as with the resource and transportation industries in the North. PROLOG delivers Canadian experience in remote access, community resupply, resource logistics and fuel supply - that is applied to transborder projects in Alaska as well.

  • Connecting You with the North

    With offices in Calgary, Alberta and Whitehorse, Yukon, PROLOG specializes in logistics planning for northern development projects. From Nunavut and the Northwest Territories to Yukon, Alaska and Siberia, we have been on the ground and understand the unique demands which the North places on development. As a result we have the in-house knowledge base to connect strategic planning requirements with actual northern conditions and to complete top caliber assessments even where published data is not available. PROLOG works actively with aboriginal entities on northern projects.

  • Building on our Expertise

    PROLOG has built a strong reputation evolving projects from the concept stage to fully developed business plans on a regional, national and international level. This reputation is based on the expertise of senior consultants providing management advice that is extended into a Northern context from broad employment backgrounds in the pipeline, railway, highway, aviation and marine sectors. PROLOG’s core capabilities are supplemented by associated subject matter experts.