Hope Bay Mine Project: Fuel Supply, Storage and Distribution System (Newmont Mining Corp. sub-contract)

Working with a large civil engineering company and a ports engineering firm, PROLOG completed a locational analysis and a fuel handling program for a tank farm site at Roberts Bay, in Melville Sound in Nunavut.  Serving three mines along Newmont Mining's greenstone gold belt, the work involved the design and development of capital cost estimates for an ocean tanker floating hose fuel off-loading system;  shore manifold and pipeline delivery system; tank farm; and high capacity truck loading module.

The planning work for Newmont's future Phase 2 Madrid and Boston Mine development also included designing large off-highway tank trucks to transfer fuel from Roberts Bay to the satellite tank farms at the mines; and smaller distribution trucks to fuel mining trucks, aircraft, power plants, camps and underground mines. Fuel handling systems designed to minimize fuel transfer times and operational safety at the air strips and mines were prepared, along with annual distribution cost estimates.

Fuel Supply Study – Diavik Diamond Mine (Lynden Inc., Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.)

In partnership with Lynden Inc. of Seattle, WA, PROLOG designed a new fuel supply system providing Diavik with a program to mitigate the security of supply problem currently it faced, while lowering their transportation costs sufficient to justify a major new marine tank farm on the north shore of Great Slave Lake.

Diavik consumes approximately 60 million litres of low-pour diesel fuel per year, and was faced with a supply withdrawal from one of the large Canadian energy companies, and attendant significantly higher fuel prices.

PROLOG designed and pre-engineered a new barge delivery program from the Hay River railhead to a proposed new marine tank farm near Yellowknife, NWT, and a dedicated new trucking service over the winter ice road system to the mine near Lac de Gras, NWT. A discounted cash flow investment analysis and Business Plan was prepared for Diavik, indicating a profitable return on their investment over the mine life

Tli Cho Landtrans Long Term Freight Supply and Air Passenger System – Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.  (Tli Cho Investment Corp.)

Part of the Behcho Ko Development Corporation, Tli Cho is an aboriginal-owned transportation and construction organization providing truck, warehousing, air transportation, and mine site  services in the Canadian North. It retained PROLOG to develop a multi-phased business plan to provide long term freight and passenger transport services, initially to mining giant Rio Tinto's Diavik Mine.

The program involved analyzing several potential investment scenarios, including a new fuel handling system that provided an improved and more reliable supply program for the mine, and enhanced business for the Tli Cho companies, including Air Tindi, Byers Transport, Monarch Transport, etc.

Assisted Tli Cho in structuring a supply agreement with Canada Lafarge, to supply Portland cement to NWT diamond mines, including DeBeers Snap Lake Mine.