Resource Roads

Strategic Transportation Options Analysis (Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road Joint Venture)

By specific request of the Northwest Territory's producing diamond mine group, PROLOG joined EBA Engineering to study alternative transportation infrastructure improvements to access NWT and Nunavut mineral property areas. The total reliance of the existing mines on winter ice road became a disaster during 2006 when average temperature was 10 degrees Celsius warmer than usual for the February and March delivery period. Some 85% of the existing Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road is over lakes, and insufficient ice thickness was available that year to support fully loaded trucks, in a significantly shortened season. Approximately one third of the total mine resupply program had to be flown to the mines, at much higher freight rates.

PROLOG provided logistics inputs including commercial freight costs for selected all-weather road alternatives designed to mitigate the ice road delivery problems possibly inherent in the global warming trend, and certainly obvious in the Canadian north in recent times.

Canol Resource Corridor (Yukon Government; Port of Skagway; Selwyn Chihong Mining; Overland resources)

The Canol Resource Corridor Study focused on improving the international competitiveness of Yukon mines by maximizing the productivity of highway mine hauls from the Selwyn Mountains near the NWT border to a tidewater ore terminal at Skagway, Alaska.

The report provided a preliminary feasibility assessment for Superload Truck Train operations along the existing seasonal North and South Canol Corridor (Yukon Hwy 6). For the proposed operation, a twelve axle, 114 foot Super B Train was designed to carry 100 ton payloads with Yukon-compatible gross vehicle weight.

Combined transport savings potential of 30% to 60% were demonstrated, based on final route selections. The capital investment in upgrading the corridor involved removal of the worst of grades and curves; additions of passing pull-outs; and improvements or replacement of bridges and culverts.